Our 2023 season is our first year of bee sales and services. Our bees are raised locally and treated organically in Sandy Hook, CT. **Hives and nucs will be available late May and again in late June.** We are partnering with Earth Path Sanctuary to offer beekeeping services – whether you need just a little help starting up or if you want us to take care of your hives for the whole season. For any questions or bee sales and services, please call Jessica at (203)889-5533 or email at earthpathsanctuary@gmail.com.

Just the Bees

We will have a few days available for pick up. If delivery is needed, please contact us for fees.

**You will need your own hive to transfer them to.** Nucs include:

  • Mini colony of bees with their queen
  • 3 frames of brood
  • 1 frame of honey
  • 1 frame of pollen

This is a single level, fully functioning hive with some room to grow. It includes:

  • A working hive with a bottom board, entrance reducer, deep box, and cover
  • An established colony of bees
  • 10 frames, including frames of honey, pollen, and brood

This is the same as a single level hive, but with a larger colony and a second deep box with 10 more frames of honey, pollen, and brood.

Beehive Installation & Maintenance

Let us bring a fully functioning hive to you! Basic install includes:

  • Basic site preparation
  • Basic hive stand (concrete pavers)
  • Delivery and installation of a single level hive
  • Additional fee for service beyond 25 miles of the apiary.

Need a refill? If you already have a hive set up, we can come fill it with a queen and her bees, some brood (3 frames), and some resources (2 frames of honey and pollen) to start out the season. Additional fee for service beyond 25 miles of the apiary.

If you are purchasing a basic install ($550), we have some upgrades:

  • Upgrade to double level hive +$100
  • Install additional single level hive +$400
  • Install additional double level hive +$500
  • Upgraded hive stand +$100

If you live in an area with bears, you need an electric fence around your hives! (10% off if you purchase any of our service packages.)

We come check the state of your hive and take steps to encourage a healthy, thriving colony! We check the queen, brood, pollen and honey storage, comb formation, signs of swarming, signs of disease or mites, etc. Then we can treat for mites (organically), feed the bees, etc, depending on what we find. We encourage you to come see what we’re doing if you would like to learn to care for a hive! You will then receive a report of the state of the hive and any relevant follow up recommendations and information.

  • $180 within 25 miles of apiary (additional fees if further away)
  • $150 for local service in Newtown

Installation and Maintenance Packages

If you want to take care of your own hive but are new to beekeeping, let us help you get started!

  • Basic hive install included
  • Follow up hive check with the client two weeks later
  • Phone / email support for the first 3 months
  • Upgrade to include electric fence set up +$405
  • Additional fee for service beyond 25 miles of the apiary.

With this package, we’ll install your hive and then maintain it throughout the year. We will take care of everything for you! This package includes:

  • Basic Install or replace your bees if they didn’t make it over the winter (Usually in May or early June)
    • Maintenance for the year – 1-2 site visits for hive checks each months (excluding winter months)
  • Honey harvesting *if the hive is producing enough honey*
  • Winterization
  • Upgrade to include electric fence set up +$405
  • Additional fee for service beyond 25 miles of the apiary.
  • *$500 off for local service in Newtown*